Are you ready to get started? We have been excited to learn about your needs in this process. However, as we move forward we find it’s easiest if you also know a few things about us.

First, you will find we like to communicate digitally. You will often receive information from us over email and text message. However, sometimes an old fashioned telephone call, or even a face-to-face meeting, is the best way to address your concerns and get you the information you need. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you want to chat in any of these ways. 

Many of you often speak to us about your own priorities for balance, time off and quality time with friends and family. In our desire to give you the best possible service, our personal lives often take a backseat to the needs of our clients. That has led us to structuring team availability in such a way that provides some breaks so we can be our best when we need to be, making us all more productive from week to week:

  • Evening real estate issues can rarely be addressed with key parties during off hours. Messages received after 7:30pm Mon-Thur and after 5pm Fri-Sun will be returned the following morning. (Exception: If we are completing, receiving or negotiating offers, we will be in touch immediately)

  • Ryan is off on Friday’s. However, we have a licensed agent on-call and fully up-to-speed on all clients and transactions on these days. As a result, our team will be able to address 99% of your requests/questions, including:

    • Setting up showings

    • Answering questions on ongoing transactions

    • Miscellaneous questions answered on homes currently for sale

    • Contracts & addenda signed/edited/sent onto appropriate parties

    • Appraisals, home inspections & final walkthrus scheduled

    • Calls to list your home will be returned and some information collected before Ryan calls the next morning to schedule a meeting

  • Please note that any text messages received after 7:30pm Thursday will be returned the next morning we are back. The best way to receive an answer when we are off is to email us so that the team can address it ASAP.

We try our best to respond to you quickly so we always put you in the best possible position to buy or sell your home. Most feedback we receive mentions follow-up and responsiveness as one of our top traits and we don’t intend for this to change!



Selling your home

With the right support, selling your home does not need to be a difficult process. We are with you every step of the way, from prior to listing all the way through closing. Click on these useful tip/insight links to help you along the way:

Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

Now That You're On The Market

Don't forget our suggested Resources for attorneys, utility info, etc.

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Ready to Buy

Home buying is best done as a team approach. We consider ourselves your partners in this process and committed to helping you find the right home for your needs. An intelligent approach paired with an updated MLS search and regular discussion between us provides the best results. We've included a few more links to click on below that you may find useful along the way:

Suggested mortgage reps, attorneys and home inspectors if you need assistance in these areas

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It is your trust and willingness to refer our names onto those in your life that allows us to work with like-minded, enjoyable clients that really makes what we do so satisfying. We greatly appreciate that and don’t take it for granted. If there is anything we can do to help make your real estate experience more enjoyable, please let us know.