Why listen to all the praise we can heap on Athina when she can tell you about herself here? Click on the video above to meet Athina!


Well, we're still going to tell you a bit about Athina and why you should get to know her:

One of the things we like best about Athina is that she is passionate! Passionate about a lot of things, but especially about real estate and doing the absolute best for her clients. With enthusiasm and absolute loyalty, she aims to deliver the promise of the path to a happy home. 

Athina's love of life and love of people is obvious at every interaction. Born in the heart of the multicultural city, Montreal, Quebec, Athina is one of four girls in a large Greek family and speaks 3 languages. This background has allowed her to uniquely understand diversity and the importance of embracing the beauty of culture and traditions. She will eagerly tell you how she was raised with a set of values and ethics that have led to success in many aspects of her life. Paired with the belief that hard work and commitment make any goal achievable, Athina brings an enthusiasm to every sale to make dreams a reality each day. 

Contact Athina here:

716.535.7069 | athinahowe@remax.net