Real estate does not occur in a bubble. In fact, the way real estate can connect us to and benefit our chosen communities fascinates us. This interest in where we live, paired with a desire to support those around us led to filming local business several years ago and sharing their stories here. As time has gone on, we found that some of the people we've met had a role or perspective on where Buffalo is today even if they were not directly tied to a local business or organization. We felt their voice still needed to be heard.

Enjoy the current set of videos below and come back regularly for more.

Maggie Hamilton Winship, Director of Strategic Planning for the Town of Amherst & Village of Williamsville, plus Broker & Co-Owner of Build Up Buffalo, spoke to us about economic development throughout WNY. As she points out, our focus has to extend beyond the built environment.

Maggie asks WNY to get over the PTSD from years of bad development that is currently polarizing our community.

Seth Amman, Owner/Architect at Arch&Type and board member at The Allentown Association, discusses his thoughts on gentrification & its current effects on Allentown.

Seth makes a great point about all the luxury condos going up around town: where is the standard, non-luxury housing for the majority of our city’s inhabitants?

As General Counsel for the Buffalo Sewer Authority, plus her previous 10-year role as Executive Director at Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper, Julie has had a front row seat to the changes undertaking our City. She sits down with us here to discuss the exciting projects taking place and her thoughts on where Buffalo is at this time.
As our community continues to grow, we are seeing housing prices quickly increase. Julie talks about her personal relationship with this issue as well as her hopes for its future.
Buffalo Distilling Company talks about getting good whiskey made in Buffalo. All their ingredients are sourced locally and throughout New York State

Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect, PC

Joy Kuebler, Landscape Architect PC, brings us a new perspective of shifting views throughout Buffalo and how pocket parks and other green spaces can add value and quality of life to Buffalo in ways we may not have considered previously

American Fence

Chris Lafleur, owner of American Fence, answers my question on how his interest in coming back to Buffalo and investing in a small company helps our community as a whole.

Women Elect

Diana Cihak, Founder and State Board President, has found there are not enough women running for public office. She shares how our track record of women in office in WNY is historically low compared to other cities across New York State.

Found Future

Mike Hungerford, Chairman of Found Future, has found on his return to Buffalo that our community not only gets a bad reputation elsewhere, but is actually doing some amazing and inspirational things.

Veda Yoga

Lauren Willett-Benson, Veda Yoga, feels yoga can be done anywhere with anyone. She finds ways to bring her welcoming spirit to our community in group and private practice while also sharing her thoughts on wellness at

Open Buffalo

Nate Gulley, Open Buffalo, discusses his unique position in moving to Buffalo from Portland, OR, and the benefits he sees in our growing City

Charles Waldorf Photography

Charles Waldorf talked to me about his choice to stay and build his photography business in Buffalo. With Buffalo's resurgence, he has had many amazing local experiences due to his choice to stay local.

B-LO the Headline, a local podcast

Dave, Joe and I share the interest in continuing discussions that support the people making a difference in our City while having conversations of value.

Village Cooperative

In her work with Village in many roles, one being as a massage therapist, Rebecca Mercurio is seeing a shift in consciousness in how we address these changes in our lives. She calls out the issue here in such a great way. 

Daisy's Doghouse

Lisa Samar, Daisy's Doghouse, talks about how supporting businesses throughout WNY turned into opening her own dog store on Hertel

Dash Dog Running

Chris Muldoon, Dash Dog Running, talks about working with local vets on developing weight loss & nutrition programs to help owners keep their dogs as healthy as possible.


Tim Shisler, Assistant Store Manager at Kegworks, discusses their partnerships with the growing number of local breweries throughout our city. 

Anders Gunnersen, Coordinator at Buffalo Bike Share, talks about the growth of their program throughout Buffalo
Mike Galligano, Executive Director of Buffalo Car Share, talks about the benefits of a shared car

Backyard Orchards

David Myers, Backyard Orchards, talks about his involvement with the Michigan-Riley Farm on Buffalo's East Side to grow vegetables for the community

Jeff Wolniewicz, Financial Planner at Northwestern Mutual

Farmers & Artisans


ANPRA Architecture

Jeffrey Arber, VP & Financial Consultant at Sage Investment Group

Julie Blackman, Owner at Farmers & Artisans, talks about knowing the community on a first name basis

Sarah Schneider, Co-Owner at Merge, talks about how Merge gives back to the community.

Did you know Buffalo was designed as a city within a park? Anne Noel Perry, RA, ANPRA Architecture, discusses the benefits of our unique city layout.

Rory Allen,, offers his assistance to the aspiring entrepreneur while discussing the value of becoming a small business owner.

O'Neill Chiropractic

Blue Sky Design Supply

Patrick O'Neill, O'Neill Chiropractic, speaks about why he chose to base his life & family in the same community he works in.

Tyra Johnson, owner of Blue Sky Design Supply, talks about why shopping local is so important

Blue Hill Kitchen & Home

Deanna Myers, owner of Blue Hill Kitchen & Home, talks about how she works with other Hertel businesses & community organizations to give back