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Buffalo is a whale that fell asleep at the bottom of the ocean

Buffalo has a rich history.  Old grain elevators and empty silos tell lively stories of the city’s industrious past; they serve as a promising reminder of its potential.  Buffalo is not merely reminiscing.  Productivity and prosperity are active in the area’s diverse communities: food and dining, the arts, the nightlife, parks and recreation, and waterfront development, to name a few.  We are alive and well.


What draws one to Buffalo?  Maybe the Queen City is undeniably a place to call home.  Maybe word of its kind residents, vibrant art scene or the improvements along its waterfront peaks an interest.  It is rumored that Buffalo is losing its natives—but as often as some leave, I continue to see proof of more returning.

This City of Good Neighbors is a welcoming committee just waiting to happen.  Even the houses of Buffalo are standing with open doors. Large properties at delightfully low rates make for an optimistic housing market.  From the top of City Hall, you can see Buffalo has so much to offer, so much to be a part of, and so much to love.

The article below appeared over the summer and does a better job than most in painting a picture of the Buffalo those of us that live here know. If you haven't seen it, it's worth a read now:

To view the article that inspired ours, click here.