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simple ways to invest in your home

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Invest in your home now to save in the future.

Invest in your home now to save in the future. The best way to invest in your home is to take good care of what’s already there.

Remodeling your home is great, but not everyone has the money to take on such a project, especially in this economy. However, there are less glamorous projects that can be relatively simple and inexpensive that will add to your home's value. These projects may seem minor now, but they can be big money savers in the long run.

1. Caulk You may be noticing caulk along your sink, countertops and bathtub coming loose if you've been in your home a few years. While gaps may not seem like much, the water leaking inside can wreak havoc on areas unseen. Why let moisture turn into mold when small leaks can be repaired with a tube of kitchen and bath caulk for just a few dollars?

2. Insulate It's a well-known fact that insulation saves money on your utility bills, but so many of us overlook this simple project. Your walls are surely insulated, but what about your attic, basement and garage? If the energy savings aren't enough to convince you, check with the IRS for tax credits allowing you to deduct energy-saving expenses from your taxes.

3. Change Filters When was the last time you changed your furnace’s air filters? A simple stop online or at your local Home Depot will keep your furnace running efficiently while improving the quality of the air inside your home. Change filters at least every three months to keep your furnace efficient for years to come.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat One of the easiest ways to manage energy bills is with a programmable thermostat. By programming your heat or air conditioning up or down a few degrees during the hours you are regularly away from home, you'll save on the money it would cost to heat or cool an empty house. Simple steps like keeping curtains closed during hot summer days and sealing doors and windows in winter will produce much nicer bills from the utility companies.

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