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should I wait for prices to bottom out before buying a home?


If it's possible that prices will continue to fall, why should I buy now?

John Connolly While price is important in selling a home, cost should not be your primary concern as a buyer. You need to take into account what your monthly payment will be, considering not only the price of the home, but also the interest rate of your mortgage. Waiting for prices to bottom out while rates rise can cost you more over the life of your loan. Meet with a mortgage professional to help you determine what an interest rate increase will cost you based on the expected size of your loan. These are a few of the mortgage professionals we work with and recommend:

Tom Liolos at Homestead -- 830.4215

Jule Symes at HSBC -- 316.9512

Mike Florczak at First Niagara -- 698.8310