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Curb appeal is top of mind this Spring

  Carla Connolly

Spring is here and homes are popping up all over the market. Given the importance of first impressions, curb appeal is not to be underrated. Many curb appeal-enhancing projects can be cost-effective, as well, yielding strong results for minimal investment. Small improvements can have big impact. Repainting the front door, window trim and shutters, potting flowers and switching outdated light fixtures go a long way to improving the look of your home.


- Illuminate: Thanks to the availability of easy-to-install solar lights, you don't need to pay a professional to light your landscape. These small lights provide powerful accents to your driveway, walkways and gardens.

- Introduce shade: Arbors and trellises with flowering vines are a great way to add shade to your landscape with visual interest. They can also be used to block hear from the afternoon sun from parts of your home's interior while completing the appeal outside your home.

- Think color: Low-maintenance plantings require little attention while adding color to your landscape. A gardening center can help you identify what plants grow best in our region and which require more water.

- Choose materials that are durable and stylish: Purchase the best quality you can afford. They will look better than cheaper materials do and will last longer while adding to your enjoyment and value.