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Home Staging Part I: Capturing your home in pictures

Carla Connolly

As Realtors, we work with our buyers to see beyond the furnishings to the potential in a property. But no matter how hard you work at it, a well presented home instantly attracts even the most discerning buyers. There are two important aspects to successful staging. The first is capturing the best view of the home for your online listing. As the first tier for most buyers, without compelling pictures, your home will not even warrant an in-person showing. The second is enticing the buyer once they step foot into your home. Follow these tips and then work with us when listing your home for custom advice on letting your home make the best first impression possible:


Part 1: Photos

1) Use a wide-angle camera - A lens that can capture more of the space is always going to allow for a better understanding of true room dimensions. Cell phone pictures, while easy, rarely capture the image you want to show potential buyers.

2) Move furniture if necessary - You may need to back out of a room to get a great shot and doing so may mean removing some furniture that is in your sight line. Furniture also shouldn't be placed around the room on every wall. Keep it interesting by forming functional "areas" throughout each room.

3) Use mirrors to your advantage - A reflection in a mirror can reveal more of a room not seen otherwise. This technique most comes into play in bathrooms and foyers.

4) Shoot at an angle - The longest width of the room is usually from one corner to the other. Don't be afraid to crawl behind furniture and plants to get that long shot. Not every photo needs to be done this way, but it will help make your room appear that much larger.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to best stage your home for showings.