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Fall Into An Autumn Sale


Fall is upon us -- and just as the leaves begin to turn, so should you as a seller transition your home to fit with the season. By following a few simple staging tips, you can play up the beauty of autumn and impress buyers who are in the market for a home just like yours.

1.  Don't let the fading summer be an excuse to disregard your yard. Curb appeal and first impressions are still of utmost importance! Rake and dispose of those falling leaves and continue to trim the greenery as needed. 

2.  Let the flower beds do a little talking. Replace sparse summer sprouts with a few potted mums, marigolds and other fall annuals. The bold, beautiful colors will complement the turning leaves and subtly dress up your home while still keeping the focus on the house itself.

3.  Go easy on Halloween and Thanksgiving. As tempting as the cobwebs, caution tape and giant inflatable turkey decorations may be, keep in mind that a buyer's main concern usually is not how the home looks when decked out for the holidays. While a few pumpkins on the porch won't hurt, simple and neutral are winning styles for a home on the market in any season.

4.  Ward off the late-afternoon darkness by keeping interior and exterior lights on timers. That way, you can confidently trust that prospective buyers will be greeted with a bright environment regardless of the showing times. Light a candle or two while you're at it; autumn scents are sure to be appreciated by the visitors.

5.  Heat it up! Welcome potentials buyers with a warm, comfy atmosphere to enjoy as the temps begin to dip. A warm home invites buyers to linger and look a little longer, and that can only raise your chances of snagging an autumn sale.



Is Your Home Ready For a Summer Sale?


As this month ushers in warmer weather and more prospective buyers, what can you as a seller do to prepare your home for the demands of the season? To peak the interests of the summer buyers, keep your home "hot" with these simple tips:

1:  Keep tabs on your yard. With humidity on the rise, the trees and plants around your home can quickly become overgrown and may need trimming in order to keep them below window height. Ensure that a buyer's focus remains on the house itself by taming the surrounding wilderness. 

  • The same idea can be applied to hanging plants: resist the urge to litter the front or back porch with hanging flower pots. It may look nice for the time being, but buyers need an idea of what the home will look like when the season fades and the plants are gone. 

2:  Play up your backyard's potential. A great aspect of selling your home during these warm months is that you have the opportunity to showcase the outdoor living area. Groom the lawn, maintain the pool, and stage your patio set to show buyers what they could be enjoying.

3:    Keep the interior cool and comfortable.  This may mean turning up the A/C even when you're out of the house, but if it means buyers and their agents will check out your home longer, it's worth the extra expense.


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Stage Your Home For Spring Selling

Remember these?

Remember these?

Ah, Spring. Today's solstice brings the long-awaited assurance that the great outdoors will, in fact, soon defrost. 

The ground isn't the only thing that is thawing -- the real estate market is warming up, too. Did you know that Spring marks the beginning of the year's busiest season for home buying and selling? 

If your nest egg will be on the market, you'll want to be sure it's appropriately updated now that the winter is on its way out.  Attract homebuyers with these simple tips for staging your house:

1.  Time to bury the remainder of the holiday decorations. Think forward to the bright, warm days ahead and add subtle touches accordingly both inside and outside the home. Seasonal flowers potted and placed out front increases curb appeal and gives a buyer an idea of what the gardens could look like when the plants begin to bloom.

2.  When it's finally warm enough, take some time to clean up the yard.  This includes weed trimming, branch pick-up and getting back on doggy duty.

3.  Check for any damages or small repairs needed around the exterior of the home. If there are cracks in the driveway, take the initiative and have them patched. You will avoid tripping potential buyers and agents this way. People will already be falling over themselves to get a second look at your home!



Home Design Heats Up in 2014


Are you ready to rid your home of the Winter chills? As the weather begins to warm up, so do the latest styles in home design. Focusing on bright, fun designs, the trends of 2014 are showing just how ready we are to put some spring back in our step. If you're ready to welcome the upcoming season into your home, these popular design projects are sure to do the trick...


Bright & light: Think bold blues, yellow and a splash of white as you pick out paint colors. The open, airy feel livens a room while still giving you space to breathe and relax.  Unique pairings of classic colors such as red and turquoise bring energy back into a cold area, so don't be afraid to experiment with these spring favorites!

Invite warmth and richness back into your nest egg by accenting a room with natural wood. The textures and colors of this element elicit an immediate home-sweet-home feel. Not ready adorn your ceilings with wooden beams? Start low with wood flooring, wainscoting or even tree-printed wallpaper. Little touches like embossed soaps complete the look.

Why not go one more step and bring the beach to your front door? If your ceilings are on your spring cleaning list, go all-out and replace them weathered and white-washed wood ceilings. The incredible addition will blend seamlessly with decorative shell accents, drift wood furniture and those bright, airy paint colors.

Good news: If the idea of picking up a paintbrush has you shaking more than the winter wind, redesigning your space can be as simple as adding a little texture. As we mentioned in this blog post, tile walls make a fantastic home improvement project, adding both value and appeal to your kitchen. Another sophisticated option is to spice up the counter area with the handsome look of manipulated metals. Whether high-gloss or handcrafted artisan, materials such as nickel, copper and pewter are sure to make a stunning impact. Even replacing your sink basin, light fixtures or cabinet hardware with these metals can change the whole appearance of the room.

For the living areas, jazz it up with mirrors, metallics and even sequins. Those high-gloss finishes, especially when contrasted by matte accessories, with draw new life from those same old walls. It's time to bring your home out of hibernation!




How to Stage Your Home For Winter Selling

winter staging.jpg

Have you decided to put your home on the market this winter season? The freezing temperatures and blowing snow may not be ideal for home shopping, but thankfully many homebuyers are willing to brave the elements. With just a few effective staging techniques, you can create warm, attractive atmospheres in each room and draw the prospects your way.

Holiday decorations are some of the touches that make a house a home--but keep in mind that your home is now being marketed to other families. Neutralize the area by keeping décor to a minimum. This effort will help keep the prospective buyer's attention on the house itself.

While natural lighting in a home is a great asset, the early setting of the sun in the winter months poses a challenge.  Ward off the darkness by keeping interior and exterior lights on timers. That way,  you can confidently trust that prospective buyers will be greeted with a bright environment in spite of the 5 P.M. sunsets. 

Last but certainly not least, you'll want your home to be a refuge for both the homebuyers and the accompanying agents. This means keeping the heat at a comfortable temperature even if you're no longer living in the home. These adjustments are small costs when compared to the results you'll see!



Home Staging Part I: Capturing your home in pictures

Carla Connolly

As Realtors, we work with our buyers to see beyond the furnishings to the potential in a property. But no matter how hard you work at it, a well presented home instantly attracts even the most discerning buyers. There are two important aspects to successful staging. The first is capturing the best view of the home for your online listing. As the first tier for most buyers, without compelling pictures, your home will not even warrant an in-person showing. The second is enticing the buyer once they step foot into your home. Follow these tips and then work with us when listing your home for custom advice on letting your home make the best first impression possible:


Part 1: Photos

1) Use a wide-angle camera - A lens that can capture more of the space is always going to allow for a better understanding of true room dimensions. Cell phone pictures, while easy, rarely capture the image you want to show potential buyers.

2) Move furniture if necessary - You may need to back out of a room to get a great shot and doing so may mean removing some furniture that is in your sight line. Furniture also shouldn't be placed around the room on every wall. Keep it interesting by forming functional "areas" throughout each room.

3) Use mirrors to your advantage - A reflection in a mirror can reveal more of a room not seen otherwise. This technique most comes into play in bathrooms and foyers.

4) Shoot at an angle - The longest width of the room is usually from one corner to the other. Don't be afraid to crawl behind furniture and plants to get that long shot. Not every photo needs to be done this way, but it will help make your room appear that much larger.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to best stage your home for showings.