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Summer Prep Sanity Savers

Image It's coming. Soon enough summer will be here and that means summer vacation for many families. Consider completing a few of these simple projects around your home to ensure that everyone stays entertained, organized and sane through those dog days of summer:

Beach Towels

Beach towels mean sun and fun. But many times when getting home from the pool, children either leave them in the car or on the floor in a pile. Creating a little nook with a few simple hooks will make it easier to hang beach towels when you get home and will ensure they're dry the next time they're needed. Keep buckets or baskets below to contain sandals and sunblock.

Summer Reads

Keeping children reading all summer long can be a life saver. Carve out a little nook with piles of books and a comfortable seat to entice them on afternoons when it's too hot to be outside.

Garage Therapy

Making sure the garage is in order not only will make it easier for you to pull the family car in and out, but it will enable your children to get their bikes and helmets on their own. See this great plan in the photo above.

Toy Clean Out

Before school lets out, consider going through your children's toys. If you have more toys than you can handle, perhaps storing some away for monthly rotation is in order.

Tip: It' s easier to sift out the junk, rotate toys and make donations when children aren't around. Set aside some time when they're in school or playing with a friend on the weekend to do this task.

Sanity in the Pantry

Organizing the pantry may not seem like an obvious thing to do before summer, but making healthy snacks easy to reach for children will help save your sanity.

Family Planning Area

Establishing a spot in a common area where you can hang chore charts and organize a family calendar will help everyone stay in the know.