Fall is the perfect time to take care of some home maintenance tasks before shorter days make outdoor work too difficult.  Whether you’re planning on selling your home or not, home maintenance is crucial.  Homeowners who perform routine home maintenance tasks generally will save themselves money in the long run.  Not completing the proper tasks in the fall can lead to costly repairs in the future.

Tick these items off your list this season, and you can rest easy knowing that your home and yard are ready for winter.  

  • Plant new trees and lay sod (good deals this time of year)

  • Trim branches and shrubs

  • Rake leaves & dispose of mulch  

  • Winterize perrenials, clean annuals out

  • Turn off sprinklers and disconnect water hoses (before first freeze)

  • Do a thorough cleaning of your patio furniture, barbecue grill, etc… and store them properly for next season.

  • Roof and gutters - clear off and check for damage

  • HVAC - vacuum & dust ;  shut off, clean, and cover A/C until Spring, have the heating system serviced (always do in Fall)

  • Garbage disposal - crush ice (sharpens) baking soda and citrus fruit rinds (freshens)

  • Plumbing - check for leaks on supply lines to sinks and toilets

  • Hot water heater - drain and remove sediment

  • Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors - change batteries

  • Range hood fan- check & clean

  • Weatherstripping & windows - check all caulking for separations & cracks, re-caulk

  • Fridge - test door tightness (use a dollar bill and pull it out of fridge after closing the door on it.)

  • Fireplace & chimney - inspect & clean

As you’re completing these tasks, make sure that you have sufficient shovels, ice scrapers, snow brushes, ice melt, and have serviced your snowblower. It may seem early, but getting your winter supplies ready in the fall is a great way to put yourself a step ahead on preparing your home for the winter.