The Town of Amherst has recently announced that effective October 30, 2017, homes constructed before 1975 will require an inspection of the sanitary sewer connections, prior to the transfer of title. The inspections will be of sump pump systems, interior floor drains, footing drains, yard drains, roof drains and downspouts, catch basins and parking lot drains. Amherst joins the towns of Cheektowaga and Tonawanda, who have recently initiated similar code amendments. 

If you live in Amherst and are thinking about selling your home, you will be required to have an inspection completed by the Town of Amherst Engineering Department. Possible outcomes might mean the installation or repair of a sump pump, installation of interior floor, yard or roof drains; and other remediation for storm drainage. The hope is to reduce some of the flooding and sewer backups in the system. 

There is also some responsibility if you are planning on purchasing a home in Amherst; you will need to set aside money in escrow, which will be returned to you if corrections are completed within the timeframe set aside in the contract. 

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