As the summer winds down and the kids get ready to head back to school, it’s a good time to do some work around the house to help prepare for the changing season ahead. Every season brings with it unique challenges for maintaining your home's appearance. The effects of the summer heat, humidity, pollen, and dryness can be slightly more subtle (depending on where you live), but no less important.

Whether we choose to accept it or not, cold weather will be upon us. Taking the time to perform a few repairs now will not only help protect your home during the long winter months but will also prevent repairs down the road.

Read on for a handy checklist of end-of-summer home maintenance tips.

  • Carpets - clean 
  • HVAC - vacuum & dust
  • Garbage disposal - crush ice (sharpens), baking soda and citrus fruit rinds (freshens)
  • Plumbing - check for leaks on supply lines to sinks and toilets
  • Doors - tighten and lube bi-fold
  • Electrical - test and reset all ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles, check all extension cords
  • Water heater - remove water heater residue following the manual 
  • Check and clean dryer vent, other exhaust vents to exterior of home

Summertime home maintenance doesn't have to keep you from enjoying the season — and it will save you more work heading into the next seasons! 

Tell us - what is on your to-do list this August?