What if you could order a custom home and have it delivered?  Avava Systems has created just that. The flat-pack home is part of a growing tiny house movement, which advocates living simply in small structures, and a completely new way to have a pre-fabricated home. 

Prices range from $117,000 to $223,000 and are available in three sizes- 264, 352, and 480 square feet.   The cost includes permitting, delivery, installation and contractor services. All of the units contain a living area, kitchen, bathroom and closet, and can be assembled within 2 months. 

Flat-pack homes are also considered environmentally friendly; they are designed to to provide a high level of energy efficiency, they offer air tightness that helps to shield your home from the elements, and they help to bring down the need for shipping materials to a building site.

We're starting to see a couple "mini homes" be built in the City of Buffalo and are receiving more questions about this possibility. Knowing you could help protect the environment while living in a beautiful tiny home, is a flat-pack home something you would consider?