Selling your home is an important decision — one that should not be trusted to just anyone. What are some of the most important demands to make from your listing agent? 

A great agent is worth the commission they earn and more. Here are some of the expectations you should have from yours:

1) They should tell you the truth on your potential sale price & have information to back up that claim. After all, you need to sell that price twice — to the buyer and then to their lender.

2) They should understand your timetables and other unique aspects of your sale. A strategy should be developed around your personal needs.

3) A good agent will remove as many challenges as possible. Believe me, they come up in almost every transaction….

4) They should be able to help you with your new home — whether it’s local or across the country.

5) And most important, they should get the house SOLD!

With real estate purchases being one of the biggest financial transactions you'll experience in your lifetime, why not let a professional that has years of experience and knowledge help you?  Click here for 6  reasons why you should hire me as your Realtor.