According to a recent Buffalo News article, home values in and around Buffalo continue to rise. While the Elmwood Village, Allentown and North Buffalo still maintain their appeal and higher home values, the number of deals and the price tags are soaring in the West Side and areas near the East side. 

With the increasing number number of homebuyers interested in walkable, transit-served communities, prices are rising, creating a shortage of options. Buyers are branching out into neighboring communities, causing a surge in housing values in these areas. While homes in the East and West sides are still selling for considerably less than homes in the Elmwood Village, the average sale prices have risen considerably in the past few years; the West Side rose 45% from 2010-2014, and the East Side is up 20 percent.

The Buffalo News analyzed home sales from 2010 to 2014 throughout Erie County, examining the number of deals and the average values. To view the results of their study, and to find out which neighborhoods are up and coming, click here