You've made the decision to sell your home, and now it is time to choose a real estate agent. Some of them are smart, efficient, focused, versatile and willing to go the extra mile. And some of them aren’t. Selling your home can be a huge task, but having the right listing agent could help smooth the process along

You must have enough trust in them that you feel comfortable they will accomplish the following:

  • Set a list price with the data to back it up
  • Sell your largest asset
  • Coordinate the home selling process to meet your schedule
  • Establish a fair fee for their services

Finding an agent who will sell your home using a range of marketing tools to get you the best deal possible in a reasonable amount of time, all while charging a fair rate, takes some effort. Make sure you pick a true professional to help with the sale of your home. And don't be afraid to ask them for references on some of their recent sales.