Fall is upon us -- and just as the leaves begin to turn, so should you as a seller transition your home to fit with the season. By following a few simple staging tips, you can play up the beauty of autumn and impress buyers who are in the market for a home just like yours.

1.  Don't let the fading summer be an excuse to disregard your yard. Curb appeal and first impressions are still of utmost importance! Rake and dispose of those falling leaves and continue to trim the greenery as needed. 

2.  Let the flower beds do a little talking. Replace sparse summer sprouts with a few potted mums, marigolds and other fall annuals. The bold, beautiful colors will complement the turning leaves and subtly dress up your home while still keeping the focus on the house itself.

3.  Go easy on Halloween and Thanksgiving. As tempting as the cobwebs, caution tape and giant inflatable turkey decorations may be, keep in mind that a buyer's main concern usually is not how the home looks when decked out for the holidays. While a few pumpkins on the porch won't hurt, simple and neutral are winning styles for a home on the market in any season.

4.  Ward off the late-afternoon darkness by keeping interior and exterior lights on timers. That way, you can confidently trust that prospective buyers will be greeted with a bright environment regardless of the showing times. Light a candle or two while you're at it; autumn scents are sure to be appreciated by the visitors.

5.  Heat it up! Welcome potentials buyers with a warm, comfy atmosphere to enjoy as the temps begin to dip. A warm home invites buyers to linger and look a little longer, and that can only raise your chances of snagging an autumn sale.