A great agent doesn't mind buyers that ask questions. What should you demand from your agent?

1) Tell the truth about the price.

They should have a belief in the price you are offering or at least a rationale to back it up. Your agent should be able to back up where the seller AND the bank should accept offers.

2) Understand your timetable.

 Everyone's timing is different and the process can be emotionally draining. An agent can advise on best times to buy, but in the end should work around your needs.

3) Remove as many of the challenges as possible.

It is imperative that your agent know how to handle the challenges that will arise. How many homes do they sell? This is an indicator of what they deal with regularly and how willing they are to take away as much stress from you as possible.

4) Find the right house.

There is a reason you are putting you and your family through the process of moving. A good agent will bring homes to your attention, but a great agent will tell you if your expectations are out of line with today's market. Regardless of the situation, a great agent is always looking for the best way to put you in your perfect home.


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