As this month ushers in warmer weather and more prospective buyers, what can you as a seller do to prepare your home for the demands of the season? To peak the interests of the summer buyers, keep your home "hot" with these simple tips:

1:  Keep tabs on your yard. With humidity on the rise, the trees and plants around your home can quickly become overgrown and may need trimming in order to keep them below window height. Ensure that a buyer's focus remains on the house itself by taming the surrounding wilderness. 

  • The same idea can be applied to hanging plants: resist the urge to litter the front or back porch with hanging flower pots. It may look nice for the time being, but buyers need an idea of what the home will look like when the season fades and the plants are gone. 

2:  Play up your backyard's potential. A great aspect of selling your home during these warm months is that you have the opportunity to showcase the outdoor living area. Groom the lawn, maintain the pool, and stage your patio set to show buyers what they could be enjoying.

3:    Keep the interior cool and comfortable.  This may mean turning up the A/C even when you're out of the house, but if it means buyers and their agents will check out your home longer, it's worth the extra expense.


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