When you sell your home, do you know what aspects most appeal to buyers? Are you buying and thinking about possible resale in the future? The following list are the items that are important to buyers today.  Many surveys have turned up the following points across all age demographics, but especially among the ever increasing Millennial segment of the population -- some of the most active buyers now:

  • Convenience to job - Commuting is a necessary evil, but how far are you willing to go without sacrificing life/work balance?
  • Overall affordability of homes - Today's buyers are more cost conscious than "status shoppers." Rule of thumb says your annual home costs should not be more than 1/3 of your gross take-home.
  • Quality of schools - The kids have it. A recent realtor.com survey shows that nearly 45% of buyers are willing to pay more for highly rated schools.
  • Energy efficiency - Buyers today are more cost conscious and environmentally aware. Know how to appeal to them.
  • Open floor plans - Blame HGTV. Everyone wants space to work/entertain/play/relax all in one. Flow has never been more important.
  • High ceilings - Not only does the home feel more grand with high ceilings, but they also promote air flow and let in greater natural light.


What are YOU looking for in a home?