Are you ready to rid your home of the Winter chills? As the weather begins to warm up, so do the latest styles in home design. Focusing on bright, fun designs, the trends of 2014 are showing just how ready we are to put some spring back in our step. If you're ready to welcome the upcoming season into your home, these popular design projects are sure to do the trick...


Bright & light: Think bold blues, yellow and a splash of white as you pick out paint colors. The open, airy feel livens a room while still giving you space to breathe and relax.  Unique pairings of classic colors such as red and turquoise bring energy back into a cold area, so don't be afraid to experiment with these spring favorites!

Invite warmth and richness back into your nest egg by accenting a room with natural wood. The textures and colors of this element elicit an immediate home-sweet-home feel. Not ready adorn your ceilings with wooden beams? Start low with wood flooring, wainscoting or even tree-printed wallpaper. Little touches like embossed soaps complete the look.

Why not go one more step and bring the beach to your front door? If your ceilings are on your spring cleaning list, go all-out and replace them weathered and white-washed wood ceilings. The incredible addition will blend seamlessly with decorative shell accents, drift wood furniture and those bright, airy paint colors.

Good news: If the idea of picking up a paintbrush has you shaking more than the winter wind, redesigning your space can be as simple as adding a little texture. As we mentioned in this blog post, tile walls make a fantastic home improvement project, adding both value and appeal to your kitchen. Another sophisticated option is to spice up the counter area with the handsome look of manipulated metals. Whether high-gloss or handcrafted artisan, materials such as nickel, copper and pewter are sure to make a stunning impact. Even replacing your sink basin, light fixtures or cabinet hardware with these metals can change the whole appearance of the room.

For the living areas, jazz it up with mirrors, metallics and even sequins. Those high-gloss finishes, especially when contrasted by matte accessories, with draw new life from those same old walls. It's time to bring your home out of hibernation!