Remember these?

Remember these?

Ah, Spring. Today's solstice brings the long-awaited assurance that the great outdoors will, in fact, soon defrost. 

The ground isn't the only thing that is thawing -- the real estate market is warming up, too. Did you know that Spring marks the beginning of the year's busiest season for home buying and selling? 

If your nest egg will be on the market, you'll want to be sure it's appropriately updated now that the winter is on its way out.  Attract homebuyers with these simple tips for staging your house:

1.  Time to bury the remainder of the holiday decorations. Think forward to the bright, warm days ahead and add subtle touches accordingly both inside and outside the home. Seasonal flowers potted and placed out front increases curb appeal and gives a buyer an idea of what the gardens could look like when the plants begin to bloom.

2.  When it's finally warm enough, take some time to clean up the yard.  This includes weed trimming, branch pick-up and getting back on doggy duty.

3.  Check for any damages or small repairs needed around the exterior of the home. If there are cracks in the driveway, take the initiative and have them patched. You will avoid tripping potential buyers and agents this way. People will already be falling over themselves to get a second look at your home!