Are you a hopeless romantic when it comes to real estate? In the wake of Valentine's Day, we're sharing some interesting finds from's "Home Crush Survey" which identified not only the variation in gender preferences when house scouting, but also whether women or men are more likely to fall in love with a home that's out of their league.  

As's chief marketing officer Barbara O'Connor explains, "We conducted the survey to see how searching for 'the one' in real estate correlates to searching for 'the one' in love and we found that they are very similar."  

A house that piques a person's interest to the extent that they are drawn back to it repeatedly--whether online or in person--is defined as a "home crush" in this survey. Think of your own experiences with real estate and see if you can relate to these heartfelt responses from over 1,000 eligible homebuyers:

Were the home crushes within the respondents' price ranges?

  • 41% of women admitted to having a home crush that is out of their price range
  • Only 30% of men could say the same

How often did they develop a home crush?

  • 36% of men develop a new home crush on a weekly basis
  • 29% of women fell for new crushes weekly while 26% admitted to finding a new one monthly 

What is the most valuable asset in a home?

  • 54% of women and 46% of men agreed on outdoor living space as the most attractive quality in a piece of real estate
  • Second to outdoor space...
    • 40% of men had their sights set on nice garages
    • 42% of women gave in to open floor plans


Interested in reading more about the survey? Visit here.