The new year is just around the corner and it’s time to tackle some maintenance tasks to keep you and your home cozy and warm during the cold weather ahead. As the weather shifts and daylight hours wane in December, home tasks naturally center around the indoors — preparing for the holidays, welcoming guests and battening down the hatches for winter. This month also provides an opportunity to see if your hard work during earlier months paid off.

Grab your toolbox and get started on these home maintenance chores this month to keep your home safe, beautiful and working well for you.

  • Clothes Dryer: Check on vents and hoses for lint
  • HVAC: vacuum & dust, replace air filter
  • Garbage disposal: crush ice (sharpens) baking soda and citrus fruit rinds (freshens)
  • Range Hood Fan: check & clean
  • Plumbing: check for leaks on supply lines to sinks and toilets
  • Tile: Seal the grout (do every 6 months)
  • Fire Extinguisher: place near kitchen, check charge
  • Disconnect and drain garden hoses 
  • Buy foam-cup covers for outdoor faucets - commonly sold at hardware stores and provide a cheap insurance policy that will help keep exposed pipes from freezing
  • Check attic for signs of moisture
  • Check attic to make sure you have enough insulation and add more if you don’t

From the attic to the basement, this to-do list is packed with easy DIY projects that can make a difference in your energy bills, as well as some outdoor maintenance to keep hoses and faucets from freezing.

What is on your home maintenance list this month?