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If computers of every size didn’t simplify your daily tasks and interactions quite enough, let us introduce you to the age of smart homes.  In 2013, household appliances with the capability of connecting to the Internet made a name for themselves, offering innovative ways to monitor and control your nest egg. 

It can’t hurt to have a little extra help in the kitchen, right?  Refrigerators with touch screens by LG and Samsung lend a hand by keeping tabs on what is in the fridge, even compiling a grocery list based on what is being used—information that is synced to your smartphone for easy shopping, of course.  Rich Brown, executive editor for appliances at CNET, predicts an interest in ovens with functions that can be activated via cell phone, thus expediting dinner prep to compensate for a busy lifestyle.

For the time being, Brown notes that smaller and possibly more practical projects are in greater demand.  Such projects include energy-saving light bulbs like the Phillips Hue: LED bulbs that change color and use 20% less electricity than standard bulbs.  Cutting the lights or adjusting the ambiance in a room is as convenient as pulling up an app on your cell phone.

Tracking the traffic in and out of the house is also revolutionizing with the introduction of smart locks.  Kwikset locks can be operated remotely and will notify users via cell phone when the door is opened using a personalized entry code.  Ready to say goodbye to misplacing your house keys?

Even home entertainment is developing as smart TVs streamline programs such as Netflix and Amazon, not to mention the new gaming consoles.  The new PlayStation and Xbox released this past autumn boast voice recognition and motion sensors, changing the very way we interact with our appliances. 

As the technological advances continue, the consumer market welcomes new items in hopes that we too will open our homes to these hi-tech additions. Whether or not these gadgets are life-altering enough to invest in the price tags—well, that is for you as the consumer to decide.


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