STARDo you already save hundreds of dollars in savings on your yearly taxes thanks for the STAR discount? You probably haven't thought about it in years. Problem is, so many people were taking advantage of the program by claiming it on secondary residences or investment properties that the State is making us all re-apply. Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe recently reported that his detectives found $679,000 of fraud or incorrect filing in just five towns. You will now have until December 31, 2013 to re-apply. Fortunately, you can do so online via the NYS Taxation and Finance Department.

New York homeowners who make less than $500,000 and live in their property are usually eligible. STAR exempts the first $30,000 of the full value of a home from school taxes. New Yorkers 65 and older may also qualify for the enhanced STAR program.

Find out more about these savings here and learn how to re-apply here.