Planning a remodeling job is so much easier until reality sets in. The day-to-day of actually completed a remodeling project can be taxing in many ways, but we all know the end results are worth it. To help save your sanity during the process, consider these tips: 1) Have a Plan A, B and C -- Unexpected issues will always arise. Having backup plans will make it easier on you, your family and your contractors. Your plan C may be just one thing to have completed by a certain date that makes you feel something was accomplished.

2) Take BEFORE photos -- Not only are these great for showing friends upon completion, but it will help keep your motivation up when your home is torn apart.

3) Start a blog -- The support of friends and family can play a big part in getting you through renovations. This was the impetus behind Young House Love which has grown into its own business. After a rough day, at least you can vent your frustrations and receive the feedback you need.

4) Focus on making it livable -- Although it sounds obvious, by saving some cosmetic changes until the basics are complete, you may find your home usable earlier rather than later.

5) Schedule your renovation in stages -- Completing your renovation step-by-step will not only make you feel a sense of accomplishment along the way, but will also allow you to move schedules and plans much easier when things change.