I've been getting closer to breaking down and buying an iPad -- primarily just because I think it would be great to have one. While I am sure there would be many professional benefits from this purchase, I will fully admit that is not driving this buying decision. However, then I ran across something online entitled "Why Your Kitchen Wants Its Own iPad."  Since becoming gluten free, I find that I make 95% of what I eat, so I can easily get onboard with this wave of thinking. The article shows how the iPad can be used as a Family Information Center:

Although I support saving our resources where possible, I should be planting trees for all the post-its I use. Therefore, this idea doesn't hold up very well.

Then the article showed me the Fridge Pad:

I immediately thought about the many times my MacBook ends up on a counter while I pray nothing spills nearby. I also understand the AppStore offers many kitchen-specific apps, plus the options for news, live television and social networking while cooking makes this a no-brainer, right?

Can anyone else fess up to feeling that the Kitchen iPad is a pretty good excuse?