Image So much gets dropped or decided upon entering or leaving our homes. Even in a small space, a little organization goes a long way to making your life easier. Here are a few tips from the pros:

Shoe Zone

Taking your shoes off at the door will help your floors  stay cleaner. Even if it's nothing but a designated spot beyond the door, having a place to kick off your shoes is key. A place for footwear can help:

• Put one to three pairs of shoes away each time you do a quick clean. • Use a bin to corral them so they don't overrun the space. • Decide on a maximum number of shoes allowed and put away extras once the zone gets crowded

Kid Friendly Entryway Ideas

Sometimes you need to decide whose stuff is more important and in this space, the kids usually win out. Not only is it important to teach kids from a young age to put their things away, but it will help keep your house from all-out chaos. This also helps with school items so you won't have to go looking for field trip permission slips (and anything else they may lose).

Ladies, what do you do with all those purses?

We'll all seen you change a purse and empty its contents to the closest flat surface. If you have extra room to store two small containers, try this:

• Container #1 houses purse essentials (pens, tissues, sunglasses, lip gloss, girl "products" and so on). • Container #2 starts out empty. Each time you need to swap a purse or empty its contents, use this bin as a receptacle.

At the end of each week, return items from container number two to their appropriate homes.

Mail Drop

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mail. I will admit mine sits in its bin for up to a month. However, some actually prefer to take it to the home office and open it there. Others might find that presorted mail slots work better. The system is up to you — just make sure to have one.

Favorite mail containers: • Clear wall pockets found at any office supply store • Pottery Barn's Wire Mesh Wall-Mount Magazine Rack • Lettro Wall-Mounted Organizer by Umbra