Ryan Connolly Closing costs have increased dramatically nationwide, spiking an average 8.8% from a year ago, according to a survey from Bankrate. Analysts attribute the increase to lenders having to do extra work in approving mortgage applications due to increased scrutiny and tighter lending regulations. New York remains the most expensive, so this isn't news for most of us, but as the market changes and we all look a little carefully at what is in the bank, it is best to be prepared.

Most Expensive*:

1. New York $6,183 2. Texas $4,944 3. Utah $4,906 4. California/San Francisco $4,832 5. Idaho $4, 643

Least Expensive*:

1. Arkansas $3,378 2. North Carolina $ 3,410 3. Indiana $3,430 4. Iowa $3,474 5. Alabama $3,501

*Based on a $200,000 home