Carla Connolly

Following our previous post on photographing your home for the listing, the next step is enticing the buyer once they step foot in your door. We offer custom advice to each of our clients, but the following tips will get you started:


Part 2: Showings

1) Greenery makes a room come alive - Real or fake plants make a room feel lived in. Plants create a homey atmosphere that most attracts buyers and lets them envision their lives in your home.

2) Clutter is your enemy - It's hard when still living in your home to eliminate all clutter, but a buyer can easily get distracted by the bills you have yet to pay instead of the granite countertops you've installed. We all like to feel our house will be tidy and clutter free. Part of a showing is about buying into that fantasy. Help them as much as you can.

3) Fill up an empty space - If rooms are furnished, they look larger and help buyers imagine how the room will be used. Throw rugs, pillows and throws make a clean space appear cozy.

4) Lighten up - Open the blinds, turn on the lights and let some air flow. Dark rooms feel small and dingy, so even the smallest rooms benefit from a little light.