The first line of a recent NPR article stopped me in its simple truth: Until recently, homeownership was celebrated as a hallmark of upward social mobility. When did it become about buying a house at any cost? I suppose I should acknowledge there has been some form of awakening, hence the "until recently." However, buying a house is a serious commitment that should be taken seriously. This is most likely the largest purchase you will ever make.

The NPR article is an example of one couple's manner of dealing with a rough market and changed personal circumstances -- one in which I suspect is better than others. We strive to make choices that are in the best interest of our clients at all times, but we only have access to a limited picture of their financial security, relationship history or other factors. We are here to offer a service that presents all the facts on hand and advises based on current information available to us. We have significant training to offer this service, but it is hard to not feel personally invested in a client's well-being after going through this process together.

We are fortunate to see less of these situations here in Buffalo, but it does make me wonder what else others are seeing that doesn't make its way into my reality. We'd like to hear your stories. Do you know anyone dealing with personal issues or compromising living situations based on the housing market nationwide?