More and more these days we find that people are searching, selling and managing the home-buying process in alternative ways. Most remarkable over the last few years has been the emergence and increased popularity of social media. Facebook and Twitter lead the pack in social networking sites on which you will find most of your contacts, but many others are becoming big players in the way we choose to communicate. This has spilled over into the real estate industry. Rarely does a buyer pick up the newspaper to search for homes. In fact, most clients that come to us have already completed various rounds of research online and have a better understanding of what is available and what the market will tolerate. This article lists examples of people that had success marketing their home in less than traditional ways. As times change, it is important to work with agents that understand and embrace new opportunities to market your house or find your next home. We encourage you to connect with us via any of the methods available on our toolbar to the right.