As we carry greater technology in our pockets (or purse), the real estate opportunities available via our phones is growing daily. We are Blackberry and PalmPre users, but the apps below run the gamut of smartphones, including the iPhone and Droid. Download these now: - Home Search -- Find homes for sale or open houses within the radius of your current GPS position. Users can quickly contact a realtor to ask a question or request a showing. (Although, we suggest you contact us!)

Real Estate by Smarter Agent - Another option, based on your OS, for viewing current listings by area. Includes directions from your current location.

Yelp -- Find the closest coffee shop, gas station or place to eat. When on the road or in an unfamiliar area, this is a lifesaver.

TeleNav -- Real-time navigation with spoken directions when a GPS is not available.

Mortgage Calculator PRO -- Calculates payments after entering loan amount, interest rate and amortization. If not available on your phone, view our link within the 'Resources' tab.

iLiving -- Allows you to take photos of a room and add objects at a later date to help you visualize your items in the home.

Flashlight -- We always carry a flashlight with us, but not all agents do. You'd be surprised how many dark places you'll find to use this.