We want everyone to see the charm and possibility of a property. A few easy steps help buyers see themselves in your home: 1. Homes almost always show better with light. Open the shades and turn on lights where possible.

2. Check out the neighbors. Open houses and model homes in the area will give you an idea of what your competition is offering. They may also provide a few ideas you can steal for yourself.

3. Give each room an identity. By creating a clutter-free mudroom, organized home office or kids space for school work with chalkboards and desks, buyers imagine the benefits of this space on their lives.

4. A little curb appeal goes a long way. Trimming bushes and branches, raking leaves and select coats of paint can go a long way to translate to buyers.

5. Houses need baths too. A power wash can go a long way on older homes, especially in our climate.