Sensory perception affects mood and ultimately, visitors feelings about your home. Research has shown that a light floral fragrance can put guests in a pleasant mood while citrus scents are energizing. Vanilla is also a universally comfortable and relaxing scent. However, don't over do it! We don't want guests to think we are covering up bad odors or to offend them with something too strong. Here are a few simple ways to keep the house smelling good when opening it up to the public: 1. Take out the garbage. It's an easy item to overlook, but can make a big difference.

2. Eliminate all smoking inside and directly outside the house while the home is on the market. An ionizer can help remove smoke smells as well. Many people are immediately turned off by a home that has been smoked in.

3. When possible, cook bland and add spices at the table. Certain smells, such as broccoli, garlic, fish and eggs can stick around well beyond mealtime.

4. Wash pets and their bedding regularly. Although we wish they did, not everyone else feels the same way you do about your beloved cat, dog or other pets.

5. Unless it's the dead of winter, open windows to get air flowing. A stuffy house is rarely attractive.