With all the expenses associated with purchasing a home, buyers frequently ask if the home inspection is absolutely necessary. Our view on this is that although we take a good look at all aspects of the house during a showing, we are not licensed in this area and may miss items that need repair once you find yourself in the home. Not only can an inspector tell you the estimated age of items in your home and what upkeep may be necessary in the years to come, they will identify issues that are missed by the layman’s eye. These items can become part of the negotiation process, potentially resulting in the seller paying for necessary repairs. In addition, a pre-sale inspection is your opportunity to discover issues that may impact your decision to purchase the property.

When choosing a home inspector, make sure they are certified by an independent organization such as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Home inspectors in New York State need to complete 140 hours of training, perform at least 100 home inspections in the presence of a licensed inspector and passed a NYS exam.

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